Choosing the Right Foliage & Artificial Plants in Metal Commercial Planters

Large commercial planters and window planters are a common sight around businesses and commercial properties. Instead of using concrete, plastic, or wood planters, a growing trend is the use of metal commercial planters for showcasing vibrant artificial plants. For those that are looking into ways to incorporate faux plants into their landscaping or simply want to learn more about metal planters, consider the following information.

Using Artificial Hedges for Landscaping

Many businesses and commercial property owners could benefit from artificial hedges and privacy screens. With an artificial hedge, additional privacy and curb appeal can be gained without the extra care and maintenance needed to maintain a well-trimmed hedge. Our selection of ArmoreCoat planters includes our high-quality. The perfect match for any hedge or privacy screen, these Corten steel planters offer a more industrial look. Check out our online offering of artificial hedges, hedges in planters, and foliage tiles.

Raw Corten Steel Planter

Raw Corten Steel Planter

Custom Hedges and Topiaries

Not everyone has the exact same needs, which is why we also offer custom sizes and shapes when ordering hedges and topiaries. With custom artificial hedges and topiaries placed inside durable metal commercial planters, you will never have to worry about keeping your plants trimmed and watered.

Fiberglass Hanging Basket - Aluminum

Fiberglass Hanging Basket – Aluminum

Fiberglass Hanging Basket - Bronze

Fiberglass Hanging Basket – Bronze

Fiberglass Hanging Basket - Corten Steel

Fiberglass Hanging Basket – Corten Steel

Available in Multiples Styles and Coatings

Designers can easily match the existing decor of any commercial property, business, or home, with our selection of planters with custom metal coating. Choose from copper, bronze, aluminum, raw iron, and Corten steel. Each of these coatings offer a unique, attractive finish that will help accent whichever faux plants are used.

For a modern look take a look at our Neo polished aluminum planters. They have an elegant appearance that will look great outside of any commercial building or indoors in a lobby or reception area. These square planters work well with tall plants or grasses to add height and dimension to an empty area.

Neo Polished Aluminum Planter

Neo Polished Aluminum Planter

Durable Lightweight Planters

Our special metal coating process, called ArmoreCoat, results in sturdy planters and hanging baskets that provide years of use. Instead of using a wood or PVC planter, which can be quite heavy, a metal-coated fiberglass planter is lightweight and durable. This is especially helpful for those using their planters outdoors, where they are constantly exposed to sunlight and natural elements, such as rain and snow. Being lightweight, these outdoor planters can easily be moved and rearranged as needed. Browse our selection of ArmoreCoat planters and hanging baskets for any of your commercial or residential needs.

For all of your commercial and residential needs, visit our website to browse our selection of artificial hedges and topiaries as well as our high-quality metal planters. You can also contact us directly for any custom orders.



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