Artificial Bamboo Privacy Plants

Bamboo Privacy Plants for Any Space

What if you could turn your space into an oasis without the expensive maintenance costs and time that come with using tropical plants? What if these plants were not only luxurious and beautiful, but also served a function to create a private and intimate space? If it sounds too good to be true, think again. At Artificial Plants Unlimited, our selection of indoor and outdoor artificial bamboo is unmatched; our gorgeous art pieces can be used as privacy plants and to create the space of your dreams. Take a look at our extensive collection to see the many options, and then give our representatives a call to discuss your project and see what we can do for you. In no time, you can transform your space into a cozy and striking oasis.

Private Bamboo Trees

Even when you think you’ve found the perfect location for your next project, there’s always something that could be better – that unsightly wall, noisy neighbors, or proximity to a busy intersection. Our artificial bamboo plants are the perfect way to block out undesirable views and create an intimate space; bamboo plants provide enough coverage to make your guests feel contained and unexposed, but they don’t make the space feel dark and enclosed. Plus, our plants come in a variety of arrangements to meet the needs of your space. These fiberglass planters are perfect for breaking up a large space or creating intimate dining areas, while a fuller bamboo forest can divide space between your property and the neighbors. Unlike other privacy options, your guests won’t view the bamboo as a necessary privacy screen or wall, but rather as a beautiful piece that also happens to block noises and sights.

Indoor artificial bamboo - close up

Lifelike Outdoor Artificial Plants

Forget everything you thought you knew about artificial plants – these bamboo plants are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Made of the finest commercial-grade materials, these plants provide a perfect lifelike atmosphere without requiring water, fertilizer, pruning, or maintenance. Each bamboo stalk is handcrafted and made to mimic a real bamboo plant. Plus, every artificial bamboo plant is infused with UV-resistant materials, so your bamboo plants won’t fade or wither. The result is a bamboo privacy screen that looks lush and full in any situation year round instead of fading and losing its luster like its real-life counterpart. Check out our event styling guide below for design inspiration:

Landscape design using outdoor artificial plants


No matter the design or privacy needs of your space, we can create the perfect bamboo accent. Our plants are designed to withstand heavy use and inclement weather, but also work well in all kinds of indoor spaces. For tall spaces, we offer a jumbo bamboo grove – available up to 24 feet tall  – while smaller spaces can benefit from our forest sold by the square foot. If you prefer to create a custom piece, our skilled team can create a piece that matches the size, color, and style of your space. We guarantee you’ll get a piece that is fashionable and functional and unlike anything your guests have seen.

To begin shopping, or start the ordering process for your specific project click the button below to view our top quality outdoor artificial bamboo plants and trees. We can manufacture bamboo in planters, groves, per stick or by the square foot in any shape and size you need. Still have questions? Click Here >> to email us or call us toll-free: 1-800-320-0626

24-foot Tall Bamboo Privacy Plants


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