Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Built to Last Commercial-Grade Boxwood Hedges

Unlike the average warehouse type store, Artificial Plants Unlimited shrubs are built with the hospitality and commercial environment in mind. Our boxwood hedges built to last for years to come—where live plants simply would not thrive. Made from commercial-grade materials, these lush UV-impregnated, fade-resistant artificial hedges can be fabricated to any height or length to meet your design specifications, with or without a custom planter.

Create Private Spaces, Direct Foot Traffic, or Obscure Unwanted Views

However, not all have the time, patience, or ideal conditions to grow real boxwood hedges, so at Artificial Plants Unlimited we have designed our faux hedges to provide the same aesthetic without the added expense and maintenance. Here are some of the features and benefits of our artificial hedges:

  • Constructed using a powder coated iron skeleton, for maximum longevity in full exposure areas.
  • Rated for exterior and interior use, or indoor fire-retardant applications.
  • Hidden locking casters are available for flexible, mobile space dividing.
  • Choose planters from 25+ colors and four finishes, or customize to meet your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial-Grade Hedges?

Artificial Hedges NY Residence

Unlike real hedges, faux boxwood hedges don’t need to be watered, placed in the sun, trimmed, or maintained at all. They give you all the benefits of the real thing, plus they are 100% maintenance free! That means no expensive landscape maintenance crew, no browning or dying greenery, and no fading. Our artificial boxwood hedges maintain their gorgeous green color and perfectly manicured shape for years of use.

The commercial-grade construction and UV-protected greenery last longer than those you get from retailers, since ours are made with the commercial environment, and the rigors that come with it, in mind. Even in full-sun and heavy-traffic applications, these artificial hedges keep their shape, color, and texture for several years, making them a favorite of landscape designers and contractors from all over.

UV Rated Artificial Hedges

Custom Built Commercial-Grade Boxwood Hedges

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