Experience the Custom Artificial Topiary Plants & Trees Design Process

For unique and modern trade show exhibit design, special event scenery, or even furthering your business’s theme conception – the choice is simple. Using artificial plants and trees – especially topiary forms – attract attention and make the biggest impact, while saving money on watering, trimming, and other maintenance associated with manicured landscaping. Here, we’ll walk you through a mock custom artificial topiary order process to show you just how easy things can be.

Step 1:
Pick up the Phone

Believe it or not, it’s as simple as giving us a call. Whether you do or don’t have your design specifications finalized, we’re here to help you along and deliver exactly what your commercial project demands.

On the other hand, if you do know exactly what you want, simply email us your photos, concept renderings, CAD drawings, or cocktail napkin sketches [seriously, we’ve been there!] and we can work from there. It makes a difference that we only hire industry professionals when it comes to designing special event design and trade show exhibits – we help you put YOUR best foot forward.

Custom Artificial Topiary Penguin Design 

Step 2:
Finalize Artificial Topiary Design

Indoor and outdoor artificial topiary forms can be covered in nearly any foliage panel type you see on www.ArtificialPlantsUnlimited.com. Our most popular living wall and topiary choices are:

  • Boxwood – See our Duraleaf Premium for the best of the best!
  • Ivy – A great alternative to boxwood
  • Azalea – A flowerless wonder of dense foliage

All of the aforementioned artificial foliage options are also available in roll, mat, or panel form for your convenience. Plus, there are many other types of artificial plants to choose from both online and special order.

Custom Artificial Topiary Penguin Design

Step 3:
Instant Beautification & Branding

After you’ve finalized your custom design, our skilled team will carry out your precise wishes to manufacture artificial topiary plants and trees that are pure perfection. You don’t have to take it from us – check out the 6-foot tall Penguin Topiary project we worked on for Evolution Exhibits that enhanced the Irvine Math Fair tour!

Custom Artificial Topiary Penguin Design



A Custom Artificial Topiary Story

Artificial Plants Unlimited was contacted by the CEO of Evolution Exhibits with a very custom request — A 6-foot tall Penguin by the name of Jiji. Jiji is the mascot – or “math penguin” for the traveling children’s math fair, organized by the Mind Research Institute. The client provided concept renderings and rough dimensions needed, then let our design team go to work on the custom topiary piece. The topiary form was constructed out of a variety of artificial hedge materials and underwent a slew of design alterations throughout the process. Again – it’s OK to not know exactly what you need – we’ll get there together!

Our design team worked with our production department to make a sturdy iron topiary form, then cover it with the requested materials – using industrial fasteners to be sure Jiji would be with these Mathletes forever!

Meet Jiji - The Custom Artificial Topiary Penguin

Meet Jiji – The Custom Artificial Topiary Penguin

Jiji, the artificial penguin topiary, still tours the country with helping kids learn math and have fun. You can read more about the Mind Research Institute here.

If you have questions, or would like to start a custom topiary design process of your own, contact Artificial Plants Unlimited to work with in-house professionals that will adhere to every detail of your project, delivering just what you need to stand out from the crowd.

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