Flower Walls: Everything’s Coming up Roses in Bridal Guide Magazine

Voluptuous over large roses, along with shy, diminutive mums, sultry peonies and exotic bougainvillea erupt spontaneously from rich foliage, creating an enchanting and intriguing backdrop for this lovely bride from Wilhelmina Models.

Bridal Guide

Artificial Plants Unlimited contributed mums, over-sized roses, bougainvillea, peonies, ferns, ivy, moss and other foliage. Photo Credit: Bridal Guide Magazine

So reveals the provocative cover and bodacious interior layout for Bridal Guide Magazine. When charged by the periodical to fashion a “green only” living wall, master green wall designer, Brandon McCormick of Artificial Plants Unlimited, was also asked to include a “mixed bag of some of our most beautiful and popular flowers to mix and match, as needed, for color.” The loose flowers and vines allowed Bridal Guide Magazine to create bouquets and foreground interest but “we were given full creative license over the back wall,” says McCormick.

And what a collaborative arrangement it was! Featured among the pretty-in-pink blooms and blossoms are languid ferns that gently drape towards the wall’s center, cupping the bride. Variegated ivy flows around her silhouette, along with larger deep green leaves and tufts of moss nearby. The entire flower and wall bed of verdant green creates the appearance of a lush forest, which is no small feat for artificial foliage to accomplish. Even the bride’s bouquet appears to have been plucked from a field of wildflowers, as does the long bougainvillea vine casually draped around her.

The Genesis and Never-Ending Creative Use of Faux Foliage

How did this delectable creation come to pass? Once Artificial Plants Unlimited’s, Daniel Gonzalez made initial contact with Bridal Guide Magazine, he handed the reins to McCormick. “Our own internal shoots use living walls sized 72″L X 96″H, which conveniently “frame a couple while still creating the heavy foliage and floral interest in the background,” quips McCormick, further adding that the “colors we used were vaguely bridal, with most flowers being in the white/pink range…. but we also included some reds, purples, and oranges.”

Bridal Guide

Artificial Plants Unlimited contributed wrap-around over-sized roses. Photo Credit: Bridal Guide Magazine

No Small Amount of Genius

The genius of using artificial green walls incorporating silk flowers is that they make scrumptious photo backdrops for not just bridal magazines, but also actual weddings. “We have seen couples use them as the backdrop for the ceremony or using it to direct traffic or block unsightly views,” says McCormick. The company’s green walls are custom crafted by local artists to the specific shape, size, and design desired, making no two alike, with the added advantage of being reusable, storing flat until needed. What’s more, brackets can be added to hang mirrors, photos, logos, monogrammed initials, with “customers able to submit design requests for nearly anything,” finishes McCormick. With customization options being virtually endless, the prospect of having a model-ready floral green wall is available to everyone. And it doesn’t get much better than that.

For additional information about artificial green walls and bags of flowers, please contact one of our project managers at 1-888-320-0626.

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