A Full, Flourishing Trellis—Want it Now? Tips for When You Don’t Want to Wait

For every person that has the time and patience to nurture a growing vine on their bare trellis, there are many of us that simply want a full, flowering, climbing-vine trellis—and we want it now! Here are some tips on how to get beautiful, fully blooming residential or commercial garden trellises—and without the wait.

“I Need Flowering Vines—Now!”

Growing full foliage on a bare trellis can take months—or even years!—of patient care. But what if you want to accelerate the process—like, get it in an afternoon? Our artificial vines provide instant plant gratification. They are outdoor-rated to withstand the elements so that they maintain their beauty for years to come. Place them on your trellis for instantly gorgeous climbing vines—you can even use them while you’re waiting for your real vines to grow and take their place!

“I Need Privacy—Now!”

Nosy neighbors? Noisy street? Unpleasant view? There are many reasons to want a fully populated trellis right away. Our artificial hanging vines are long-lasting, no-maintenance plants that are perfect when filling trellises doing double duty as both decoration and indoor or outdoor privacy screens. Our natural-looking, indoor and outdoor artificial vines work perfectly as a natural-looking screen elegantly draped across trellises on patios, decks, lobbies, waiting rooms, pools, or on balcony privacy screens—anywhere where keeping your space yours is a priority.

Select from our wide range of natural-looking, bright florals and verdant greens, including our Morning Glory Vines, Bougainvillea Vines, Geranium Hanging Vines, English Ivy Hanging Vines—and many more! For more maintenance-free and fresh-looking foliage ideas, visit us at ArtificialPlantsUnlimited.com or call us toll-free today: 888-320-0626

Morning Glory Vines

Bougainvillea Vines

Geranium Vines

English Ivy Vines

 “I Need a Trellis That Fits My Space and Style—Now!”

Whether you wish to add more trellises to your garden, home, or business, or you need one customized to fit your space, privacy needs, or décor—Planters Unlimited has several solutions, including custom trellises, to meet your needs. Our custom fabricated trellises are constructed from commercial-grade fiberglass, iron, and composite PVC, ensuring that they are durable in all climates and fully functional—even under the weight of heavy vines. These architectural beauties are available in any size, including custom sizes, and various mounting styles: bolt them to fences or walls, mount them in planters, or use them as free-standing garden privacy screens.

Available bare or pre-populated with beautiful, faux azalea vines, these heavy-duty portable privacy screens are perfect for home or office, both as a gorgeous green backdrop and a shield from prying eyes, unwanted noise, and unattractive views.


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  1. Barbara L. Peters
    Barbara L. Peters says:

    What a neat suggestion. It really makes sense to plant your vines to grow and while they do place artificial vines temporarily there. However, that person would have to enjoy fresh flowers etc. to maintain that vine area. Thanks for providing this suggestions.


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