Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Seasonal Artificial Plants

Even with consistent care, real plants often look wilted or unappealing—which is a major problem for theme parks, resorts, and other commercial areas where landscape design contributes to the overall impression of the business. Our seasonal artificial plants are durable and colorfast solutions to this problem. Rated for outdoor use, these replica plants look perfect in every season—and all season long.

Improve the View All Year Long with Hanging Baskets

Make an easy plant swap every season with our range of hanging baskets. Choose from a large variety of plant creations, including leafy greens like our Boston fern hanging basket, bright azaleas for spring, or vibrant holiday poinsettias. All of our hanging basket arrangements retain their color and structure all season long, minus the watering, care, and annual upkeep costs. These faux plants look like the real thing, come ready to hang, and maintain their beauty in both freezing and sweltering climates. As such, they are a cost-effective way to beautify downtown areas, hotels and resorts, casinos, and other commercial and public landscapes.


Spruce up Table Tops and Floors with Potted Plants for All Seasons

Enjoy our maintenance-free faux plants on your table top, terrace, and beyond. Geraniums are popular choices for summer, spring, or fall, and these UV-protected, replica flowers maintain their brilliant colors throughout every season. Poinsettias, a popular choice for winter décor, are known as finicky plants—and ones that are hard to find, and keep, looking festive. Instead of paying top dollar for these high-maintenance plants, opt for our artificial poinsettias, which will retain their holiday spirit for winters to come and keep landscape budgets “green” for commercial and municipal areas. Place groups of three potted poinsettias in a foyer or put one on each step of a sprawling staircase to spread good cheer to customers and guests.

Put Your Best Plant Forward Every Season with Window Box Displays

Give your home, restaurant, or hotel an instant makeover every season by adding a fresh new window box display. Custom-make your own window box arrangement by choosing from a range of our green and floral options. Gardenias go perfectly with spring, while vivid green English ivy looks appealing on its own or with added blooms during the summer months. Come fall, our faux bromeliads add color and texture to your plantscape, and in winter months, poinsettias add a nice, celebratory pop of red to warm up the climate.

Join us at the IAAPA Attractions Expo trade show in Orlando, FL, on November 15-18 to experience some of our latest, most innovative plant creations—including a natural tree trunk that doubles as a root beer keg! And enter a drawing to win a custom living wall with your logo on it ($1,000 value). Our experts will be waiting for you at booth #531.

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