Guide to Lifelike Artificial Trees with Style & Natural Elements

Our broad range of replica tree options provide the human scale you need for many outdoor settings where live trees are impractical or will not grow. Artistically made with asymmetrical balance in mind, you can take away the guesswork and unpredictability of live trees, without losing the style or natural elements.

Our fabricated trunks are entirely made by hand and molded from live bark for species accuracy. They’re crafted by local artists in the size and trunk diameter your project requires—with unlimited customization & options. In natural wood trunks, we offer sustainably harvested Oak, Maple & Elder, with natural Oak being the most popular for large quantity projects.

Available in most species, foliage can be rated for exterior use, interior use, or indoor fire retardant, to comply with your project’s exposure & building code requirements.

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Species Options

There are hundreds of different foliage species available, many of which match rare or hard to find species. When in doubt, the best first step is to send us a photo of the tree you are trying to replicate so we can recommend a variety of foliage options. While there should be an overall balance to artificial trees, imperfection is key to a natural look. From our trunk & branches to how the leaves are populated in the canopy, we strive for asymmetrical balance on every tree.

Fabricated Trunks

Our fabricated trunks are painstakingly hand-carved and molded using a variety of exterior rated resins and poly materials to achieve different bark textures.

Natural Wood Trunks

Gray Maple & Brown Elder trunks have a smaller diameter and a rough-barked texture. They are mainly used to create the look of multi-trunk “grove” trees such as Mahonia & Mangrove as well as smaller Ficus, Banyan, Pin Oak, or Olive trees.

Natural Oak trunks are our most popular trunk type for large artificial tree projects due to the 6-9” diameter trunk size.

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