Artificial Horsetail Groves

Guide to Stylish Artificial Equisetum—AKA Horsetail Reeds

Whether incorporating in a modern restaurant design, hotel, or other commercial space, artificial horsetail groves make for authentic-looking, low maintenance, faux plant coverage. Constructed using steel reinforced shoots, our UV-impregnated, fade-resistant horsetail reeds are built to withstand adverse climates. For the most lifelike look possible, customize the reed height and density for just the right amount of coverage you need. Reeds are available individually, in clusters, and by the square foot—with or without a custom planter.

Create Privacy Screens, Decorative Accents or Obscure Unwanted Views

Indoor High Density 36″ Horsetail Reeds

Applications for Horsetail Groves

Pique interest with artificial horsetail groves, an exotically charming form of plant coverage for any climate. Artificial reeds are spot-on replicas of their live counterparts, like the artificial horsetail reeds which conjure up images of exotic locales where bamboo and reeds grow wild. Unlike their live muses, our artificial horsetail reeds can survive in any climate and popular applications include:

  • Privacy screens – create minimal to dense plant partitions
  • Storefront and window displays
  • Decorative accents
  • Direct foot traffic
  • Special events and party rentals – order a mobile display you can rent to your clients for years to come!

Outdoor Artificial Horsetail Reeds New York Patio

Use artificial horsetail reeds to enhance any exterior regardless of your latitude and longitude. Artificial reeds work well for interiors as well, and in planned outdoor spaces with both open and undercover installations.

To create the most natural possible look, we use a mixture of reed heights to give the impression of mature & growing reeds. For more ideas and the information you’ll need for your design project, view our online buying guide.


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