Hanging Basket Beauties: Lifelike Flowers and Plants That Last for Seasons

Hanging baskets are a simple way to add instant beauty to a place—be it a home, office, commercial property, or city street. But since hanging baskets live at or above eye level, with that high visibility comes the need for them to look fresh and attractive at all times. Our faux hanging basket arrangements appear lifelike, even up close, and are UV protected and fade resistant so that they will maintain their beauty season after season.

Add Long-Lasting Beauty with Hanging Flower Baskets

Want the beauty of flowers without worrying about blooming seasons, watering cycles, persistent pest control and other maintenance costs? Our realistic-looking hanging flower baskets look healthy and fresh no matter the season—from the blisteringly hot to the numbingly cold. And unlike real flowers, these colorfast blossoms are expected to last an average of 3-5 years even in the most extreme climates—all with almost no maintenance! Choose from bougainvillea, gardenias, azaleas, impatiens, bromeliads, and other floral options.


Save on Maintenance Costs with Leafy Green Hanging Baskets

Live, leafy green baskets often need to be watered up to three times a day! Our realistic-looking, lush green baskets require zero water, fertilizer, soil, or sunlight to maintain their verdant beauty. In fact, they will remain vibrantly green in color and lifelike in texture for several seasons without maintenance or replacement costs—and for city beautification projects, this can mean savings of over $100K annually! These hanging baskets are available in a selection of greenery, from Boston and buckler ferns to English ivy and grass mixes.


Transform to a Modern Look with Hanging Topiary Spheres

Who has the time and money needed to keep topiaries perfectly trimmed and always looking their best? Our hanging boxwood topiary spheres look like real, lush greenery in perfectly manicured sphere shapes that will never become overgrown, blotchy with dead spots, or damaged by weather. Available in one- and three-sphere hanging formations, these delightful design elements add a contemporary appeal to any interior or exterior. Custom options are also available upon request. These chic spheres are the perfect décor pieces to enliven your home, office, restaurant, retail display, special event, or virtually anywhere—you name it!


Get ready for spring by incorporating bold, bright florals, sprightly greens, and chic hanging topiaries into your landscape projects. Our hanging baskets come pre-populated with our realistic-looking faux plants, so that they’re ready to hang and enjoy immediately. Contact us today to place your order. Visit www.ArtificialPlantsUnlimited.com or call toll-free at 888-320-0626.


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