Horsetail Reeds and Morning Glories Deliver Unique Dividers

The robust green stalks of faux horsetail reeds perfectly mimic their live counterparts, presenting a beautiful and pristine picture of the earth. Tidy and stalwart, equisetum grass is one of the eco-friendliest renditions of the real thing gracing commercial spaces today. And what better home to find them in than a modern planter set against glass or distinguishing the heft of a cast stone classically crafted container enhancing a hotel entrance or atrium. 

Indoor Artificial Equisetum Horsetail Reeds for Office Privacy

Photographed above as office privacy plants, our horsetail reeds sold by the square foot can be ordered in any configuration to achieve any level of privacy.

Refined and Redesigned Horsetail

Without a doubt, artificial plants have come of age and this is no less true of horsetail reeds. To that end, Artificial Plants Unlimited has recently refined and redesigned our tall equisetum stalks to look as naturally abundant for a chlorophyll-rich look designed to fool the most discerning horticulturalists–until they feel the stalk that is. Elements of our perfected equisetum include:

  • Thick and sturdy stalks as they appear in nature
  • Greener green pigments that mimic the real thing
  • Darker tip that bursts with dimension.

Indoor Artificial Equisetum Horsetail Reeds for Office Privacy

Maintenance-Free Space Delineators and Accents

Available in three distinctive thicknesses, standard, medium and high density, equisetum reeds make stunning displays when presented in a wide variety of environments. As a native wetlands grass, fake horsetail reeds are non-invasive unlike their live counterparts. And they are maintenance-free, making them thrive in the ‘sweet spot’ of your budget. Lasting indefinitely, fake equisetum preserves its robust color and vibrancy while remaining short on maintenance costs, requiring minor rinse or dusting only. Plus, due to thickness options, it’s easy to create diverse accents for whatever your space requires. Fill single reeds in rows to create a minimalist, ample light filtering look. Or, if you prefer, design thicker arrangements as a space divider for outdoor cafes or to line walkways. And because of their traditional habitat, set faux horsetail reeds in-ground around indoor water features or waterfalls. They are UV-treated so they won’t fade, maintaining their lush hue for years to come.

Looking to add a little more color? Read on to learn more about the many hues of our indoor and Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vines.

Let There Be Morning Glories

Besides the versatility and durability of faux equisetum, our artificial flowers–specifically morning glories–can dress up any space. In fact, being a subtropical plant, morning glories look right at home with horsetail reeds. These lovely vining faux plants make an ideal accent when draped near indoor fountains, in planters, or along window ledges. What’s more, they add a pop of color when situated near any artificial trees, reeds, or grasses.


Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vine - Purple Flowers

Purple Morning Glories

Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vine - White Flowers

Cream Morning Glories

Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vine - Pink Flowers

Pink Morning Glories

Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vine - Red Flowers

Red Morning Glories

Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vine - Yellow Flowers

Yellow Morning Glories

Window Box with Outdoor Artificial Morning Glory Vine - Yellow Flowers

Yellow (shown in planter)

With so many colors to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find a gorgeous color to complement your design. Explore the many densities and configurations of our horsetail reeds, alongside botanically superior faux plants and flowers–we offer perfect solutions for every space! also orders personalized design and consultation via phone and email. Send us your design plans or call toll-free to start your project today: 888-320-0626

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