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Hospitality Decorating: Design Ideas

Interior design can set the stage for what guests think of a hotel right when they walk in the door. Old, outdated, or ill-maintained decor can give guests a bad first impression; but fresh, modern, and creative decor can give them a positive vibe before even setting foot in their rooms. Artificial plants are a fantastic addition to hotel decor. Forget the silk plants you think you know from Grandma’s house – today’s artificial plants are lifelike and high quality. Here are ways to use the best indoor plants for hospitality decorating ideas:

Flowering Plants

Flowering plants bring color and brightness to a space, but don’t require nearly as much maintenance as their living counterparts. Placed on a table, in an empty corner, or along a windowsill, flowering plants can be a breath of fresh air for hotel guests. Flowering plants come in a variety of sizes and styles to match any decor needs. A classic and bright option is this pink bougainvillea bush. Match flowering plants with a coordinating pot or planter to create a customized look that is perfect for your space.


Artificial trees add height to a space and can give any room park-like ambiance. In varieties ranging from ficus to oak, artificial trees truly do provide a lifelike feel without the struggle of maintenance or dropping leaves. Plus, artificial trees are now required to have fire retardant foliage, making them safer and more durable than ever before. This 8′ weeping willow is a unique piece that will make a statement in any hotel area.


Artificial plants are perfect for places where plants cannot grow or are tough to reach.

Artificial plants are perfect for places where plants cannot grow or are tough to reach.


Add a touch of European elegance to your hotel decor with artificial topiaries. Unlike real topiaries, the artificial versions don’t require constant trimming to keep their shape. Topiaries come in a variety of styles, ranging from the modern ball and obelisk shapes to this more traditional spiral cedar. Used to line a hallway or to accent a doorway, artificial topiaries are some of the best indoor plants to add sophistication to hospitality areas.


Perfectly green and manicured hedges are hard to come by, especially without lots of time spent dedicated to their upkeep. Artificial hedges create a polished look mixed with vibrant greenery and are great for lining walkways or defining spaces. Artificial hedges are made using a variety of leaves and shades of green to create a lifelike feel. This artificial boxwood with planter is an easy way to add sleek sophistication to any space.

Interior design ideas for hotels can be intimidating and hard to come by. Artificial plants are a great addition to any design plan to create a space that guests will love to visit. You can shop our vast selection of artificial landscape design ideas at or send us your custom design and we’ll build it!

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