This foliage isn't just for Artificial Boxwood Hedges - these outdoor frames can improve your business too.

Creating Unforgettable Business Signs with Zero-Maintenance Foliage

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is more important than ever.  One great idea to help your business stand out is using artificial boxwood frames in your interior or exterior design scheme.  These artificial plants have an extremely authentic look without all of the maintenance required by real plants.

Popular among creative industries, tech startups, marketing firms, and restaurants decorative sign frames made of artificial boxwood are constructed with high-quality commercial grade materials.  With indoor, outdoor, and fire retardant options, businesses everywhere are finding great ways to use boxwood frames.

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Popular Artificial Foliages: Azalea, Ivy, and Boxwood

Choosing the Right Foliage & Artificial Plants in Metal Commercial Planters

Large commercial planters and window planters are a common sight around businesses and commercial properties. Instead of using concrete, plastic, or wood planters, a growing trend is the use of metal commercial planters for showcasing vibrant artificial plants. For those that are looking into ways to incorporate faux plants into their landscaping or simply want to learn more about metal planters, consider the following information.

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Balcony Privacy Hedges in LA

Learn the Benefits of Combining Outdoor Artificial Plants and Live Plants

Are you interested in saving money on landscaping? Part of landscaping an area involves the careful consideration of what plants to include. By combining outdoor artificial plants and real plants, a beautiful landscape can be designed without the added cost, maintenance, and upkeep. Real plants have a lifespan or require regular watering and trimming. Dealing with plant replacement and higher water bills can easily become a burden. Whether you are a landscape designer or a property owner looking to trim your maintenance budget, learn more about the benefits of using a combination of artificial plants and live plants.

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Outdoor Artificial Green Walls

Find Out Why More People are Turning to Faux Plants

Simply adding a small garden or plants inside a building does not mean that you are going green. In fact, it could be the exact opposite. Live plants, especially indoors, require regular watering. Over time, this could result in the use of gallons upon gallons of water. Add the cost of maintenance and lighting to this and you can begin to see why faux plants may be a greener alternative than using real live plants. Offering more convenience and less maintenance, artificial plants are an increasingly popular choice for adding plant life in commercial and residential settings. Learn why more people are turning to faux plants and the advantages that artificial plants bring.

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