From the rooftop pool to the multi-purpose common spaces made for playing and relaxing, the Hub at Tucson student housing building was truly built to be a “hub” of youthful activity. Constructed in 2016 and designed by the firm Core Spaces, this luxury off-campus complex houses students from the University of Arizona. Recently we were approached by Core Spaces’ Property Manager Gilbert Miranda to create some fun topiaries for one of their outdoor common areas. Read on for what they had in mind.

A Beloved Mascot Gets a Green Treatment

What better way to celebrate University of Arizona than with design accents patterned after their sports team? Our custom artificial topiaries were made in a shape reminiscent of their famous Wildcats mascot. Showcased in clean-lined Modern planters made in a fun Persimmon finish by our sister brand Planters Unlimited, these topiaries are the perfect whimsical touch for the complex’s amenity deck, an outdoor area where students could come together for barbeques and games, or to simply relax in the Tucson sun.

No-Fade Greenery Beats the Arizona Heat

Handcrafted from UV-resistant artificial boxwood, our Wildcat-inspired topiaries were made with the outdoors in mind—meaning that they can stay in full-sun conditions (as in the Arizona climate) without fading. The topiaries’ quality construction and durable materials also make them perfect for high-traffic conditions. And since they are “plug and play” design accents, once installed, they require zero maintenance—no watering, re-planting, or regular trimming to keep their cat-like shape. Another win for the Wildcats!

Show Your Brand Spirit with a Custom Topiary

Boost your logo, trademark, or brand name by making it 3D! Send us your custom topiary ideas and we’ll create it for your lobby, trade show, shop entrance, or anywhere people will pass by and see it. Indoors or out, our custom topiaries can be placed in the ground, in one of our durable planters, or hung on the wall for all to see. Let’s get started—call us with your ideas at 1-888-320-0626!

BEHR Custom Topiary

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