This foliage isn't just for Artificial Boxwood Hedges - these outdoor frames can improve your business too.

Creating Unforgettable Business Signs with Zero-Maintenance Foliage

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is more important than ever.  One great idea to help your business stand out is using artificial boxwood frames in your interior or exterior design scheme.  These artificial plants have an extremely authentic look without all of the maintenance required by real plants.

Popular among creative industries, tech startups, marketing firms, and restaurants decorative sign frames made of artificial boxwood are constructed with high-quality commercial grade materials.  With indoor, outdoor, and fire retardant options, businesses everywhere are finding great ways to use boxwood frames.

Boxwood Sign Frame

Boxwood Sign Frame

Boxwood Sign Frame - Back Shown

Boxwood Sign Frame – Back Shown

How to use boxwood frames in your business

  • Business Signs: Smart marketers are always on the lookout for successful business signage ideas. Your company can stand out from the others on the block by framing your business signs with Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Frames.
  • Menu Boards: The restaurant business is cut-throat. Constantly competing for attention is vital to success in the industry.  Try using a menu frame made of artificial boxwood to draw potential customers away from neighboring businesses and into your location.
  • Flat Screen TV: Many businesses hang TVs in their lobby to entertain or provide information while customers wait. Often these TVs look out of place and downright  hanging on a bare wall.  Fix the problem by using TV frames made of plastic boxwood to create some texture on a formerly blank wall.
  • Art: Business owners with great taste love to hang art in their offices and the public spaces of their businesses. Add depth and texture to any piece by framing it with a faux boxwood hedge.
  • Logos: The giant logo on the wall is a staple in receptions areas. Stand out by adding a decorative sign frame around your companies logo.  Strict fire codes in your building?  Be sure to check out a Fire Retardant Boxwood Frame.

While we love all these ideas, we know that the possibilities are endless.  The only limit to how your business chooses to use boxwood frames is your imagination. l Custom Boxwood Wall Panel Frame made out

outdoor-artificial-boxwood-frame-7 l Custom Boxwood Wall Panel Frame made out

Custom signs using boxwood frames

Designers of creative outdoor advertising can make especially good use high-quality artificial boxwood frames.  By ordering frames along with sign blanks, design companies can print custom signs for their customers on the provided blank, and resell the frame to their customers along with the new sign.

When it comes time to shop for artificial boxwood frames for your business don’t settle for less than the best.  With a variety of sizes and options, Artificial Plants Unlimited is sure to offer just what you need.  While you’re there be sure take a look around at our selection of quality fake plants.  From palm trees to bamboo, our collection of indoor and outdoor artificial plants is not to be missed.



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